Malayalee Wedding Ceremony: Shatis+Sheila

September 17, 2019/by pt

Chinese Wedding and Reception, Concorde Hotel KL: Jack + Sara

August 2, 2019/by pt

Indian Wedding + Reception, Royale Chulan Seremban: Harish + Dinisa

July 17, 2019/by pt

Indian Engagement Ceremony: Kevin + Selvi

June 28, 2019/by pt

Hindu Wedding at Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields: Joshua + Sowmya

May 9, 2019/by pt

Ceylonese Wedding + Dinner Reception: Louis + Yashoda

May 8, 2019/by pt

Punjabi Maiyan + Sangeet: Fraser + Rajshree

May 7, 2019/by pt

Dinner Reception and Tea Ceremony: Edwin + Joanna

August 5, 2017/by pt

Indian Engagement Ceremony: Rupendra + Shirenee

July 29, 2017/by pt

Catholic Church Wedding Ceremony: Navin + Vanessa

July 15, 2017/by pt

Ceylonese Wedding Ceremony: Peder + Dhash

July 9, 2017/by pt

Dinner Reception at Setia City Convention Centre: Satesh + Dharshini

July 1, 2017/by pt

Garden Registration Ceremony, Gita Bayu: Logan + Deepaa

May 28, 2017/by pt

Registration of Marriage: Prakash + Harveen

April 15, 2017/by pt

Dinner Reception at Holiday Villa Subang: Gajan + Vanushia

April 8, 2017/by pt

Ponnurukku Gold Melting Ceremony: Gajan + Vanushia

April 3, 2017/by pt

Indian Engagement: Thanes + Mathana

April 2, 2017/by pt

Indian Engagement: Waran + Priya

March 25, 2017/by pt

Tamil Hindu Wedding: Kavi + Kasturi

March 4, 2017/by pt

Dinner Reception: PinHoong + Amelia

February 12, 2017/by pt

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony: PinHoong + Amelia

February 12, 2017/by pt

Wedding Reception at Ciao Ristorante: Jerome + Erica

December 30, 2016/by pt

Casual Dinner Reception: Arun + Sandra

December 17, 2016/by pt

Indian Engagement Ceremony: Kamaleswaren + Sulochana

December 9, 2016/by pt

Poolside Registration of Marriage: PinHoong + Amelia

September 25, 2016/by pt

Dinner Reception: Andreas + Elisha

September 24, 2016/by pt

Malay Akad Nikah Ceremony: Andreas + Elisha

September 22, 2016/by pt

Dinner Reception: Sanjay + Simran

September 16, 2016/by pt

Chinese Wedding and Reception: Ivan + JiinLee

September 16, 2016/by pt

Punjabi Sikh Wedding: Sanjay + Simran

September 15, 2016/by pt

Chinese Wedding: Victor + Cathy

September 10, 2016/by pt

Dinner Reception: Rooben + Lakshmi

September 9, 2016/by pt

Tamil Hindu Wedding Ceremony: Rooben + Lakshmi

September 4, 2016/by pt

Malayalee Wedding and Dinner Reception: Prisham + Suja

September 3, 2016/by pt

Registration of Marriage: Pragalath + Dhivya

July 6, 2016/by pt

Catholic Church Wedding and Reception: Raymond + Darshini

June 18, 2016/by pt

Akad Nikah, Tea Ceremony, Reception: Badrol + Shafenaz

May 1, 2016/by pt

Christian Wedding and Reception at KL Hilton: Jarrod + NiQi

December 13, 2015/by pt

Indian Engagement Ceremony: Amresh + Yuvani

November 27, 2015/by pt

Mehndi Party: Kris + Tharshini

June 17, 2015/by pt
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